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Young Eagle Rally Postponed until April 8 due to unfavorable weather.


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Please try to rearrange your calendar and join us a week from Saturday for our Spring Young Eagle event.

We will see you on April 8th!


One response to “Young Eagle Rally Postponed until April 8 due to unfavorable weather.”

  1. Jim Kjeldsen Avatar
    Jim Kjeldsen

    Good Morning,

    I am sorry to see that your event was delayed for weather, but that happened to be good news for me as I had not seen the original announcement.

    I was originally contacted about the Young Eagle program 2 or 3 years ago as a Cub Master for a local scout pack.

    I have an older son that took the young eagle flight 2 years ago as a Webelo Scout and loved the experience, making him interested in further pursuing aviation.

    My younger son just completed his Arrow of Light and is moving into Boy Scouts now and would like to check it out next weekend. Is there anything we need to do ahead of coming out next Saturday? Can I put the information out for other scouts in our old pack? How about the troop? Is there a target age you are looking for?

    Jim Kjeldsen – Scoutmaster Troop 443 – Spanish Springs