The Reno-Area IMC Club

EAA Chapter 1361 has been conducting its IMC Club since October 2016. When COVID restrictions on public meetings were placed into effect, the EAA Chapter 1361 IMC Club meetings were moved online using the Zoom meeting platform and have continued as an online educational resource. Meeting notices which include monthly meeting log-in credentials are sent to individuals who have subscribed to receive them using the form below

IMC Club meetings are an informal and interactive discussion of IFR scenarios developed by the IMC Club leadership from events that IMC Club members have experienced in real-world IFR flying. Meetings begin with a presentation of the scenario to be discussed – usually via an audio-visual explanation of the aircraft, planned route and weather. At the conclusion of the presentation the attendees will discuss how they would handle the situation with the information that they have on hand.

The IMC Club Coordinator will guide the discussion, however no resolution to the scenario will be presented. It is up to the meeting attendees to determine their best resolution. Sometimes this will lead to a general agreement and other times it will not. All attendees, regardless of flying experience,  may express their opinions without reservation.

You will receive the most benefit from your IMC Club participation if you:

  • Read the meeting notice email thoroughly.
  • Familiarize yourself with the approach that will be discussed at the meeting.
  • Bring your your electronic device and flight planning software.
  • Have questions in mind for the discussion.

If you would like more information or would like to let us know you will be attending one of our IMC Club meetings, please submit the form below and check the IMC Club box: