When What We Thought was Right is Not


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Jamie Beckett is a well-know aviation personality in Florida flying circles and is a regular contributor to General Aviation News. Today he published an excellent article on our ability to accept that what we thought was correct is, in fact, wrong.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a rare scenario. Not only does the pilot population suffer from a rampant misunderstanding of how to conduct operations in and around airports in a Class G environment, there is a persistent sense of offense taken by a percentage of those who find themselves on the receiving end of a corrective conversation.   

General Aviation News

As part of his article, Beckett includes a YouTube video of a TED Talk by Kathryn Shulz entitled “On Being Wrong and should be a must-watch for us all – pilots or not.

Do yourself a favor – read the article and watch the video. Oh, the comments are good, too.