Hall Bulldog Racer, 1932

The Hall Bulldog Racer – Will it Be Back?


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In an article by Joanna Manning on GeneralAviationNews.com today she recounts a talk with airshow pilot Jim Bourke about his interest in recreating the Hall Bulldog to use on the airshow circuit.

Hall Bulldog Racer, 1932
Hall Bulldog Racer, 1932 – courtesy of AirRacingHistory.freeola.com

The Bulldog, built in 1932 by designer Bob Hall, previously working with the Granville brothers designing the Gee Bee racers was a one-of-a-kind aircraft which, unfortunately only had a life span measured in months.

The aircraft was a single-seat gullwing design powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior and one of Hamilton Standard’s first controllable-pitch propellers. It was given Race #6 for the 1932 Cleveland National Air Races.

Bourke says that he hopes to have the aircraft finished for the Bulldog’s 90th Anniversary in August 2022. He would like to fly it on the airshow circuit and then retire it on its 100th birthday.

Additional information about the Hall Bulldog my be found on the Air Racing History website.