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Swift Fuels Offers ‘FOREVER’ AvGas STC


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Swift Fuels, LLC is now offering a “FOREVER” Avgas STC Certificate for every piston aircraft in the US or Canada.

This entitles the FOREVER Avgas STC Certificate holder to prepay for all Avgas STC’s issued by the FAA to Swift Fuels in ONE purchase.

Each FOREVER Avgas STC Certificate holder will receive private instructions to register their aircraft and engine in Swift Fuels’ database.

Once the purchase is complete and the aircraft / engine is registered, the FOREVER STC plan will be activated.

Whenever Swift Fuels Avgas STC’s are approved by FAA, registered Avgas STC holders will be notified by Swift Fuels – FOREVER!

All specified placards, license rights, and FAA-required forms will then be supplied FREE to each FOREVER Avgas STC Certificate holder.

Implementation of the STC-supplied materials then requires aircraft installation by an FAA-Approved A&P mechanic.

This is how Swift Fuels will manage “Fleetwide Approval” for our 100-octane Unleaded Avgas to replace 100LL!

For more information, to check your aircraft/engine applicability or to purchase the STC ($100) visit: https://www.swiftfuelsavgas.com