Sporty’s New App for Apple Devices


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Sporty's Takeoff App for iPad and iPhone. Photo Credit:
Sporty’s Takeoff App for iPad and iPhone. Photo Credit:

Sporty’s Pilot Shop has released a new app for iPad and iPhone that will keep you up-to-date with all types of aviation content.


Sporty’s recently released a brand new app for iPhone and iPad called Takeoff. The app is free to download from the app store, and includes video tips, blog posts, podcasts, photos, and aviation news – all with the goal to make flying safer and more fun.

Unlike many training apps that focus on passing a test, Takeoff is intended to provide a variety of information for pilots of all levels. The videos and articles are just the right length to watch or read when you have a few minutes available, and are optimized for display on both the iPad and the smaller screen on the iPhone.

New content is added daily to Takeoff, and you can choose to filter content by a specific category, e.g. Weather or Tips & Technique. New content notifications can be tailored to each pilot’s areas of interest, from Instrument Pilot to Stick and Rudder.

The Takeoff app is free to download for unlimited use with access to videos, articles and podcasts. Pilots can also upgrade to Takeoff Pro, unlocking exclusive content and an ad-free environment. Each week, Pro subscribers will get new video segments from experts like Jason Miller and meteorologist Scott Dimmich, plus thought-provoking articles from active pilots and flight instructors. Takeoff Pro subscriptions are $9.99/month or $59.99/year.


I have downloaded and installed the free version of the app. You will need to enter a name, email and establish a password. Notifications on your device can be set as desired. You can also select general categories of content that you are interested in receiving. Content is clearly marked if it is available only to Pro account holders and upgrading to a Pro account is available within the app. Each content item has a publish date displayed and an icon showing the type of content (text, video, photo, audio). Several popular aviation podcasts are also available through the app, such as Uncontrolled Airspace, Airplane Geeks and The Finer Points.

From just a quick look through the content it appears you will get the most functionality from the app by getting the paid or Pro version of the app, especially if you are an IFR-rated pilot.