Sonex High-Wing Aircraft Design

Sonex Aircraft Has Announced Their First High-Wing Design.


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From the Sonex website:

Sonex High-Wing Aircraft Design

Sonex Aircraft is proud to present its newest kit aircraft design: the Sonex Aircraft High Wings. Designed for expanded utility, ease of pilot access and to appeal to the high wing enthusiast, the Sonex High Wing offers the legendary Sonex performance and handling in a new configuration. While many kit manufacturers today offer high wing aircraft with a backcountry mission in-mind, we are making our cantilevered wing aircraft in the Sonex tradition of sleek, efficient aerobatic and cross-country performance – The Best Performance Per Dollar!

According to their announcement, the new design will be available in both tricycle and tailwheel versions and with either a conventional or V-tail design.

Their plan is to show the plane at AirVenture 2023