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Our Next IMC Club Meeting is April 25th


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We will be meeting at our usual spot – the NV Wing CAP Headquarters building at 601 S. Rock. Join us for our IMC Club scenario discussions at 6 PM.

Our meeting in March was a discussion based upon one of the IMC Club scenarios. It involved a Cessna 170 pilot who found himself at his destination with winds out of limits for his aircraft and ability with the runways available. We had a lively discussion about this person’s predicament and came up with two possible solutions depending upon the individual’s instrument experience and proficiency and fuel status. We all decided that the best option for this pilot would have been to do a 180 deg. turn in his driveway and find something else to do for the day. But then hindsight is always 20/20.

We have arranged with the Reno FAASTeam Program Manager to include this meeting on the website listing of safety presentations and to provide Wings Program credit to those who attend the IMC Club meeting. If you wish to receive Wings credit just annotate the sign-in roster and provide the email you have associated with your account.

Our Club meetings will continue to be conducted in a guided discussion format rather than a lecture series so that each member of the group can have a chance to give their views and ask questions based upon their experience level.