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New Animation and WINGS Credit for Runway Safety Simulator


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The FAA is happy to release a new animation to the Runway Safety Pilot Simulator available at www.runwaysafetysimulator.com. The new “Eliminate Distractions” animation focuses on non-essential tasks and communications during surface movements, and their possible consequences.  Distractions are a main causal factor in runway incursions and other surface incidents. Take a look today, and see what you can learn about avoiding distractions when operating your aircraft.

Another recent improvement is the creation of a new Runway Safety Simulator course (ALC-573), available via the FAASTeam at www.faasafety.gov. By accessing the Runway Safety Pilot Simulator through this course, you can now achieve WINGS credit! Completion of any Phase of WINGS satisfies the requirement for a Flight Review. You can find the course here: https://faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/course_content.aspx?enroll=true&cID=573.