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Our next IMC Club Meeting is on November 22nd


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We will be meeting at our usual spot – the NV Wing CAP Headquarters building at 601 S. Rock. Join us for our IMC discussions at 6 PM.

Our inaugural meeting in October was a great time with ten attendees with a wide range of flying experience. We had a 300-hour VFR pilot attending to learn more about instrument flying in preparation for instrument training, a corporate pilot who routinely flies in the IFR environment, a professional instructor with over 20,000 hours of flying time, a retired airline pilot and a new instrument student in the group to name a few.

We all introduced ourselves and briefly described our flying backgrounds. The program consisted of a video presentation by the IMC Club founder describing why he decided to form the Club and what he sees as the purpose of IMC Club.

We followed that with a short IFR scenario similar to what we will experience as part of future meetings. We had a good discussion of the conditions presented in the scenario and came to a consensus of what we would do in the situation as it was presented. We all learned something in the discussion and a couple of attendees described their experiences in similar situations.

Several members expressed a desire to add to future programs a segment in which we dissect various instrument approach plates to learn how to best analyze a given approach, brief it and safely conduct the approach to a safe landing. We will plan on adding that to our meeting agenda so we may find future meetings may run longer than the recommended 60 minutes.

Our Club meetings will continue to be conducted in a guided discussion format rather than a lecture series so that each member of the group can have a chance to give their views and ask questions based upon their experience level.