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Join us for an Online Chapter Gathering on April 2nd!


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Video Conference

Our next Chapter 1361 General Meeting will be on Thursday Evening April 2nd at 6 PM will be conducted as an online meeting using the Zoom meeting platform.

This will be our first attempt at a larger meeting size so please be patient with us if things don’t go perfectly smoothly. The success of this meeting will determine if we hold future meetings online until the Covid-19 threat subsides.

We will be discussing some of the volunteer opportunities that you have as chapter members and some of the plans that the chapter has for the rest of the year.

We close out our meeting with the latest issue of the Chapter Video Magazine from EAA Headquarters. Be sure to read your meeting reminder email for additional information about the meeting.

To attend the online meeting navigate your web browser to That will take you to a page where it you can insert the Chapter Meeting ID [ 419 635 213 ]. Once signed in you will arrive in a ‘waiting room’ where the meeting host can then give you access to the meeting. You will be joined with both your computer microphone and camera turned off. You may activate you mike and.or camera at your discretion.

There is no requirement to download anything to your computer, though if you want to establish an account with them and download the Zoom app it is free. There are also meeting apps available for iOS and Android devices in their respective app stores – again free.

The meeting software will be turned on at 5 pm so that you can try it out before the meeting and get your computer system set up to participate. Just join the meeting as described above and try out the meeting controls that you see on your screen.

If you cannot attend our general meeting and would like your vote counted in any general membership balloting that may take place please be sure to submit your voting proxy to the Chapter Secretary at least 24 hours before the meeting. A Voting Proxy Form is available on this website under Chapter Documents (You must be logged in to access the link.)

We hope to see you there!