Help Us by Volunteering at the 2024 Reno Air Show

Air Show Tram Operations

EAA Chapter 1361 has a history of managing the volunteers who work as as drivers/safety observers for people-mover shuttles(trams) during past National Championship Air Race events. The Reno Air Racing Association has asked Chapter 1361 to, one last time, manage the tram volunteers during the Reno Air Show in October 2024.

Volunteers drive the tractors towing the trailers(trams) carrying air show attendees moving throughout the air show venue. Observers watch for attendees requesting a ride, notify the tram driver and, when necessary, assist the attendees in getting on and off the shuttle.

You will find more information about volunteer openings below on this page as well as a form to fill out to volunteer and indicate your volunteering availability. Volunteers will be scheduled according to their availability and in the order that they volunteer.

In deciding deciding when to volunteer do not be discouraged because a previous volunteer has been placed in your desired work period. Volunteers provide multiple days of availability and can be reassigned as additional people volunteer. The volunteer scheduler will attempt to keep paired individuals together and will strive to not schedule a volunteer for more than one work period per day.

If your schedule changes after you have submitted your volunteer form, please re-submit your volunteer form with the necessary changes and an indication that it is a change from a previously submitted form. The most recently submitted form information will be used by the scheduler and previously submitted forms will be deleted.

Please complete and submit the following form if you would like to volunteer with the 2024 Reno Air Show tram operations.