Great Oregon Homebuilt Fly-in 2018


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We invite you to join us labor day weekend September 1st-3rd, 2018 for a celebration of Oregon’s impact in experimental aviation history!
Throughout the 1930’s when The Bureau of Air Commerce, and later the CAA, were feuding with homebuilders- Oregon had already established aviation regulations and had been issuing pilot licenses, aircraft registrations and even metal aircraft license plates since 1921!!
Throughout this period an experimental fly-in was held every year in Eugene, OR- this year we at The Oregon Aviation Historical Society are resurecting this celebration of homebuilt aircraft and invite you to join us!!
There will be historical presentations and videos all weekend telling the stories of the “Beaverton Outlaws” who flew during this time period, and of George Bogardus, the outlaw who flew cross country twice (Troutdale, OR – Washington DC), in a 1934 Eyerly design to petition congress that experimental aircraft were safe!!
Richard VanGrunsven will be in attendance Saturday Sept 1st for the RV3 dedication ceremony- Local EAA 31 was the force behind it’s restoration and we are very excited to honor their work on this project!
Please RSVP to 541-767-0244 or if you think you will be here for dinner, we would love to have any and all join us!! (even type certified friends!!)