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First Remote Pilot Certificates Due to Expire


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Drone, UAS and, UAV operationsThose individuals who received their Remote Pilot (Part 107) certificates shortly after they became available are about to have their certificates expire unless they complete the required recurrent training.

From the FAA’s website concerning Remote Pilot Certification (https://www.faa.gov/uas/getting_started/part_107/remote_pilot_cert/):

Pilot certificate Requirements

  • Must be easily accessible by the remote pilot during all UAS operations

  • Valid for 2 years – certificate holders must pass a recurrent knowledge test every two years

The first Remote Pilot certificates were issued in August 2016, and are nearing the end of their 24 calendar month currency. Remote drone pilots are required to complete a recurrent training course or pass a recurrent knowledge test within 24 calendar months to continue to exercise the privileges of their Remote Pilot certificates.

If you are a drone and manned pilot (Part 61 qualified) you can either:

  • Retake the recurrent Part 107 Knowledge Test at a testing facility
  • Take an online training course on FAA FAASTeam website

If you are a drone pilot, and do not hold a Part 61 (manned pilot) qualification you must take the initial or recurrent Part 107 Knowledge Test at a testing facility.

The difference between the initial and recurrent knowledge test/online training course is the length. Both versions meet the requirements to maintain your Remote Pilot certificate.