FAA Weather camera location map

FAA Weather Camera Coverage is Expanding


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The weather camera program was started initially in Alaska to provide a visual clue to the weather in critical mountain passes. Since then it has expanded enormously such that there are now 249 active FAA camera installations and another 161 third-party installation available on the FAA website. There are an additional 219 camera feeds hosted on the FAA site in Canada provided by Nav Canada.

Pilots (or anyone for that matter) can access the camera feeds at: https://weathercams.faa.gov

The images are updated at ten-minute intervals and it is possible to view a loop of the images produced over the previous six hours.

The link below will take you to a more extensive article on AOPA’s website. The article does not, however, mention the fact that the Reno-Stead airport is on the FAA list to receive a weather camera installation in early to mid summer of 2024.