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FAA General Aviation Safety Topic Fact Sheets Available Online


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A collection of what the FAA calls “GA Safety Enhancement Topic Fact Sheets” are now available free online. Each of the PDF documents explores areas of concern for flight instructors with active students.

The Fact Sheets include:
Controlled Flight Into Terrain (PDF) – November 2018
Pilots and Medication (PDF) – October 2018
Stabilized Approach Go-around (PDF) – September 2018
Maneuvering Flight (PDF) – August 2018
Fly the Aircraft First (PDF) – July 2018
Transition Training (PDF) – June 2018
Best Glide Speed and Distance (PDF) – May 2018
Smart Cockpit Technology (PDF) – April 2018
Emergency Procedures Training (PDF) – March 2018
Maintenance Placards (PDF) – February 2018
Enhanced Vision Systems (PDF) – January 2018


These Fact Sheets are archived and available on the same page as the issues of FAA Safety Briefing Magazine. (bottom section of the page)