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FAA Enhanced Runway Safety Pilot Simulator


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The Federal Aviation Administration values your feedback and appreciates the collaborative effort our stakeholders make towards enhancing aviation safety.  Based on your feedback, we are happy to announce the release of an enhanced Runway Safety Pilot Simulator!

Click Here and Go there now!

Amongst other changes recommended by users of the previous edition, this site is now compatible with mobile devices!  Check out our new 3-D animation, “Use The Airport Diagram”, based on a real-life scenario about a pilot who opted not to use an Airport Diagram during taxi.  We’re excited to use this scenario as the start of an ongoing animation library.  The library will house animated, real-life (de-identified) events that will enhance your learning experience.  We’ll keep you posted as more animations are added to the library, and as we continue to make upgrades based on your valuable feedback.

Check out the Runway Safety Simulator today!  Don’t forget to build it into your CFI kit for Private & Commercial training, as well as Flight Reviews!   


Fly Safe,

Nick DeLotell

FAA Commercial Operations Branch

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