EAA Spirit of Aviation Week


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Previous years would have found a good number of us living in Oshkosh, WI for a week or so while attending EAA’s AirVenture.

Unfortunately that is not the case this year, the mega-fly-in being but one of may major events cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus restrictions in place around the country.

Not as a replacement, but as an option for your AirVenture-free week, EAA has organized an online event called Spirit of Aviation Week (SOAW) to provide you with a taste of some of the things that AirVenture would have had to offer.

Tech Talks/Forums/Workshops are available to attend online ranging from product demos to aviation history to flight safety and workshops on building with metal, wood and composites.

You can even experience an online version of EAA’s Pilot Proficiency Center(PPC). Those with access to a Redbird Simulator can participate either as individuals or to make the simulator available to several individuals. PPC volunteer flight instructors will be available to connect to the simulator, select and run scenarios, watch the pilot through a Zoom meeting connection and debrief the flight using the CloudAhoy applicaiton. All at no cost to the pilot (unless the simulator owner charges for simulator time).

Take a look at EAATogether.org and see what they have to offer – at the very least you will find a webinar or two that will be worth your time.