EAA Flight Training Scholarships


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The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) administers several flight training scholarships which are available each year. The scholarships shown below are some that are available through EAA. While several are closed to application for this year, their information will be largely unchanged for application submissions in future years. For additional information contact EAA using the following email address:  scholarships@eaa.org

Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship

The Ninety-Nines and EAA will award a $3,000 Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship to provide a young woman (age 16-20 at any time during 2016 calendar year) who wants to learn to fly with financial support for flight training through first solo and beyond. In addition, the winner will receive a King School flight training course to prepare for the written exam and check ride. The scholarship will be awarded during the WomenVenture activities at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh on July 27, 2016.  The deadline for applications is July 1, 2016. Additional information on where and how to submit the scholarship application and scholarship rules can be found at www.kjsoloscholarship.com. Scholarship funds must be used by September 1, 2017.

WAI Oshkosh Chapter Spirit of Flight Scholarship
The WAI Oshkosh Chapter Spirit of Flight Scholarship is open to women of all ages who have already soloed and are working on their recreational, sport pilot, private pilot, or commercial certificate, instrument or multiengine rating, or CFI.  Preference will be given to Wisconsin residents, but all who qualify are encouraged to apply.  The $500 award will be paid to the flight school of your choice.  The winner will be announced at the WomenVenture Luncheon on Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

Applicants are required to submit one letter of recommendation and a minimum one paragraph typewritten response each to the following questions by July 7, 2015. Please include name, age, street address, phone number, and email at the top of each page. If enrolled in a high school or college/university degree program, please include your school name, grade, and GPA. Include a professional resume if applicable.

  1. What have you accomplished or are you working on that provides evidence for your sincere interest in the world of aviation?
  2. Identify a teacher, mentor, or role model who has been the most influential to you in pursuing your dreams of flight. Describe what makes that connection special in your life and what you aspire to do to “give wings” to a future generation of females as they do for you.
  3. What are your other extra-curricular pursuits and what are your career goals?

Application and/or questions should be sent electronically to audra_hoy@yahoo.com, or mailed to Audra Hoy, 275 Thackery Drive, Oshkosh, WI 54904.

Wallace Peterson Scholarship – CLOSED
This scholarship provides $500 for use toward flight training or to attend an EAA Air Academy session. Established in memory of Wallace Peterson, an aviation enthusiast who fell in love with airplanes while watching them take off from a dirt strip near his home in Omaha, Nebraska, this scholarship will help put another young person on the path to a lifetime love of flying. Special considerations extended to applicants from Nebraska, though applicants from any state will be considered.

Noah Favaregh Flight Training Scholarship – CLOSED
This endowed scholarship has been established to remember and honor the spirit and dedication of Noah Favaregh and support the dreams of aviators everywhere!  This flight training scholarship will be awarded to the candidate to help fund their achievement of obtaining a pilot’s certification. The funds will be awarded to the candidate and their selected training program jointly with benchmarks for achievement set forward prior to release of funding. The selected candidate will have already soloed.

Gathering of Eagles Scholarships – CLOSED
The annual Gathering of Eagles held during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh funds these flight training scholarships for Young Eagles who complete the Sporty’s Learn to Fly course. Two annual $7,500 flight training scholarship and six $1,500 flight training awards are distributed each year to Young Eagles who are selected from the applicants and meet the application requirements noted on the scholarship application form.

Harrison Ford Scholarship – CLOSED
As EAA’s Young Eagles chairman from 2004-09, Harrison Ford made a wonderful contribution to the general aviation community. By funding this endowment, Angela and Jim Thompson have created an enduring legacy of Harrison’s contribution to youth and general aviation. This scholarship will help young people achieve their dreams of flight at whatever level a need exists, with scholarship awards supporting EAA Air Academy, flight training, and academic tuition awards.

Richard R. Harper Flight Training Scholarship – CLOSED
Richard Harper passed away at the early age of 57.  He proudly served his country in the United States Army and later had a long career as a pilot for United Parcel Service starting his career in DC-8’s and then flying 757’s and 767’s. Rick was a hard working kind hearted man with a passion for life. He loved to help anyone in need. He was a devoted family man and cared deeply about family values. He worked hard to establish his career as a pilot, loved his aviation career and was excited to be able to mentor and encourage upcoming pilots to pursue their dreams. Richard’s wife, Gretchen, has created this scholarship to award two $7,500 Flight Training Scholarships to qualified applicants that show financial need as well as a passion for flight and the ambition to pursue a career as a pilot.  Funds will be allocated to the student and the selected training program to ensure appropriate use and a process for progress checks. Please email name, address and contact information as well as an essay that answers the question “How will you pass on your love of aviation?” to scholarships@eaa.org.

Tinker Murdock –  CLOSED
Through the generosity of Michael Murdock and Anne Tinker, this scholarship awards up to $7,500 to a Young Eagle/Next step applicant seeking to further their aviation training by completing a private pilot’s certificate.  Applicants will be actively involved in EAA’s online ground school or other training program, demonstrating their commitment to the education opportunity. Application should include a written goal statement that includes details on how certification will help support that goal.  Funds will be allocated to the student and the selected training program to ensure appropriate use and a process for progress checks. Please email application to scholarships@eaa.org.

John Thomas Crouse Scholarship – CLOSED
The John Thomas Crouse scholarship provides financial support up to $7,500 to assist the selected candidate in obtaining a pilot’s certification. This scholarship was established in memory of Crouse, a man who loved flying from day one. A decorated Naval officer, John flew until his death at age 88. John taught countless people how to fly on his own time and on his own dime. This scholarship will help carry on his legacy to help youth pursue their dreams of flight. Selected candidates will be between the ages of 16 and 21. Please email application to scholarships@eaa.org.