EAA Chapter 52 Workshop Series – 2018


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EAA Chapter 52 presents “Elements of Home-Building”

These 4 hour sessions provide a taste of the fundamentals of home-building skills and knowledge.
Think of them as SportAir Workshops Lite.
They start at 1300 on the chapter breakfast Sundays – so fly in or drive in have a pancake or two and join us for the workshop after. A light lunch will be available to purchase.

These sessions are not a fund raiser but a FUN raiser to showcase the vary attainable skills to build you own aircraft.

Date                                 Topic                                                     Project Cost
June 10                   Fittings and fasteners Hardware id                 $10
July 8                      Wood Assembling a rib                                      $15
August 12               Aluminum RV toolbox                                       $40
September 9          Composite 3D layup                                           $20
October 14             Welding (Oxyfuel&GTAW) steel and alum    $40
November TBD    Fabric(Stewart System) cover frame               $20
December TBD     Electrical/Electronics crimping/soldering    $20

Note: workshop costs may very based on materials unaccounted for.
Please reserve your place ASAP to allow us to prepare for you.
jimheffelfinger@gmail.com , 916-769-1819
Location – Yolo County Airport – KDWA midfield EAA Hangar

Jim Heffelfinger
Workshop Coordinator
EAA Chapter 52 Sacramento
Reservations Please !