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Chapter Fly-out Planned for August 23rd


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With this COVID thing still plaguing us, fires everywhere, and all of our seasonal events cancelled, we NEED to do something fun don’t ya think? 

Well, how about joining us for a fly out to beautiful Fall River Mills (O89).

For those participating, we will be adhering to Nevada’s own Phase 2 COVID rules which means,… we will be physically distancing ourselves from each other, and wearing face coverings. Bring your own drinks / snacks by the way.

Call or email me using the contact information below if you are a pilot planning to fly with us, and look for other Chapter members on the air-to-air frequency 122.95.  

Stephanie & I will be there around 8 AM to take some pics of the gorgeous scenery, our members, and their planes. Please let me know if you do not want your picture on our chapter web site.

If you have any questions whatsoever, call or text me at 775-250-2988, or email at:

Doug Kajans
Chapter Fly Out Coordinator