California Capitol City Airshow – October 1-2, Mather Field (KMHR)


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California Capital Air Show Safety Seminars wil be on Saturday and Sunday from 0900 -1200 covering several different topics

Mather Airport
10425 Norden Avenue, Mather CA 95655
Tent # 1
Mather, CA 95655

Admission to the seminars is free. However there is an admission charge to enter the California Capital Airshow.


TENT # 1

09:00 A.M.    Medication & the PIC                      Robert Achtel

10:00 A.M.    Hypoxia and Carbon Monoxide.      Robert Achtel

11:00 A.M.     The Perfect Landing                       Donald Kaye

12:00 P.M.    Third Class Medical exemption        Robert Achtel



09:00 A.M.    How to become a Pilot                     Rick Stockton

10:00 A.M.    Making TBO                                     Tom Rouch

11:00 A.M.    Owner Maintenance                         Jerry Manthey

12:00 P.M.    Painting Your Airplane                     Teresa Venegas



09:00 A.M.    Fundamentals of Flying                     Syd Blue

10:00 A.M.    Building your own airplane                Nick Leonard

11:00 A.M.     Flying Light Sport Aircraft                  Bill Barden

12:00 P.M.    Airport Planning. A look into  the Future             William F. Shea



09:00 A.M.    Propeller Balancing                              Jon Ortiz

10:00 A.M.  Legendary Fighter Pilot                          Christina Olds

11:00 A.M.    ADS-B                                                  Renee Robinson

12:00 P.M.   Key Strategies to reduce the risk   of General Aviation Accidents

David Love & Dennis James



TENT # 1

09:00 A.M.    Medications and the PIC                   Robert Achtel

10:00 A.M.    Third Class Medical Reform              Robert Achtel

11:00 A.M.    The Paperless Cockpit                       Slim Morgan

12:00 P.M.    Hypoxia & Carbon Monoxide             Robert Achtel


TENT # 2

9:00 A.M.       Airport Planning, A look into  the Future           William F. Shea

10:00 A.M.    ADS-B                                                 Renee Robinson

11:00 A.M.    How to Become a pilot                       Rick Stockton

12:00 P.M.    Legendary Fighter Pilot                      Christina Olds



09:00 A.M.    Pilot Owner Maintenance                  Richard Wampach

10:00 A.M.    Owner Maintenance                          Jerry Manthey

11:00 A.M.    Getting to TBO                                    Tom Rouch

12:00 P.M.     Painting Your Airplane                      Teresa Venegas


TENT # 4

09:00 A.M.    Weather In Northern California          Ashley Helmatog

10:00 A.M.    What it Takes to Fly an Airplane        Rick Stockton

11:00 A.M.    How to Learn to Fly                             Syd Blue & Margaret Watt

12:00 P.M.     Tire Maintenance & Aircraft  Safety           Lee Bartholomew