Gulfstream III aircraft fitted with FlexWing

Are we Really Going Back to Wing-Warping?


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Some people seem to think so. This article from the IEEE* Spectrum (originally published in 2016) recounts the history of the development of what was originally called the Mission Adaptive Wing, first explored by the US Air Force in the early 1980s. [Your chapter president took part in some of the wind tunnel tests on the project while working at the Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory in Dayton, OH.]

Gulfstream III aircraft fitted with FlexWing

It appears that testing continues, using the composite White Knight aircraft developed by Scaled Composites in Mojave, CA and then a Gulfstream III flying from the Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, CA.

  • * IEEE, pronounced “Eye-triple-E,” stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The association is chartered under this name and it is the full legal name.

However, as the world’s largest technical professional organization, IEEE’s membership has long been composed of engineers, scientists, and allied professionals. These include computer scientists, software developers, information technology professionals, physicists, medical doctors, and many others in addition to IEEE’s electrical and electronics engineering core. For this reason the organization no longer goes by the full name, except on legal business documents, and is referred to simply as IEEE.