AOPA Scholarship Information


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The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has a section on their website with contact information for several aviation scholarships. They also provide additional information that is useful in completing the associated applications.

The also provide the following suggestions:

Great places to start networking with other pilots and aviation professionals can vary from a pilots’ lounge in the local FBO, to the airport cafe get-together Friday evenings, to Internet chat rooms and message boards. The local flight school is great place to start, because the instructors usually see just about everybody on the airport once every two years for the recurrent training mandated by the FAA. Just by letting people know that you are interested in a career or hobby that they are already participating in will bring lots of advice. Fly-ins are also a great way to get started. They can range from a pancake fly-in that attracts a few dozen pilots all the way to the AOPA, Sun ‘n Fun, and Oshkosh fly-ins that attract thousands of people each year.