Able Flight is Now Accepting Applications for their 2017 Scholarships


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[From the Able Flight website]

Above all, candidates must be dedicated to the idea that they, too, can change their lives by learning to fly or training for a career in aviation. Able Flight encourages people with a variety of  physical disabilities to apply for a scholarship.

Learning to fly is a demanding endeavor, but certainly within reach of those who are up to the challenge. There are long hours of ground school study and many hours in the air learning to become a confident, competent and safe pilot. This is not a program for those who seek a “weekend adventure” experience, but a program for people who are willing to work hard and remain committed to earning the privilege of becoming a pilot. Our program is for people who will dedicate themselves to becoming a pilot. It is not a part time program. It’s not easy, in fact, it is demanding and challenging, and that’s by design. We want our pilots to be good, safe and very competent, so we go well beyond the minimum standards required by the FAA.



Applications received after December 31st will be considered for the following year.

Important considerations before you apply:

1. You must have a flexible schedule that will allow you to travel to a training facility for 6 to seven weeks without a break.  Training is mid-May  to early July.  Students must remain at the training facility throughout the entire training period with no exceptions.  Please do not apply unless you can commit to this schedule.


2. An FAA medical exam is not required for Sport Pilot. However, if you have previously had an FAA medical exam and were denied, or if approval has been deferred by the FAA, you will not be considered for a  final review of  your scholarship application until your medical has been approved by the FAA.


3. Read the Frequently Asked Questions before applying.

There are four types of scholarships, and instructions are on the forms:

Full Scholarships are designed for people who wish to earn a Sport Pilot license. Applicants must be able to provide proof of disability from their attending physician, be at least 17 years of age, a U.S. citizen, have a valid driver’s license, and be able to operate the controls of the training aircraft. Special controls will be available for Able Flight Scholars as needed. Scholarship applications are accepted at any time and reviewed on a continuing basis. Most training now takes place during May and June of each year.  Full Flight Training Scholarship Application. (PDF)

Return To Flight Scholarships are for those who have become disabled after already having earned a pilot’s license, and now wish to return to flying under the Sport Pilot Rule. Return To Flight Scholarship Application (PDF)

Flight Training Challenge Scholarships are for those who can benefit from dual instruction only, and have no current plans to seek a Sport Pilot License. Flight Training Challenge Scholarship Application (PDF)

Career Training Scholarships are for those who wish to train to earn an FAA-issued Repairman Certificate (Light Sport Aircraft) with Maintenance Rating, or an FAA Dispatcher License, or at the discretion of the scholarship committee, the scholarship may be used for academic expenses while training for an aviation career. Career Training Scholarship Application (PDF)

Candidates for all scholarships will complete the appropriate application form, including an essay on how they feel the scholarship would change their life. Following an initial review, finalists for Full and Career Training Scholarships will appear for an in-person interview to be conducted near their home. Semi-finalists for either Return To Flight or Flight Training Challenge Scholarships will have a phone interview. Able Flight will then select and notify the award recipients.

The Able Flight Flight Training Scholarship covers ground and flight training, testing, travel and lodging expenses as required. Applicants for a full scholarship must be available to travel for training for a six week period, and applicants for Return To Flight or Flight Training Challenge scholarships must be available to travel for a one-week training period.

After their selection, Able Flight Flight Training Scholarship winners will receive a complete King Schools Sport Pilot knowledge course (ground school) which they will complete at home prior to flight training. During the intensive flight training course, students will learn to fly a Light Sport Airplane according to the FAA’s Sport Pilot requirements.This challenging training program typically consists of 35-40 flight hours in addition to the comprehensive ground school study, and will prepare the student for flight under Sport Pilot Rules. Students who successfully complete all ground and flight training requirements and pass both the written and flight exams receive a Sport Pilot certificate.